About Us


What we do

A group of well rounded experience, helping to bring new technologies to the front lines to improve day to day functions.


Starting off with a long history of operational excellence we have further our endeavours into sourcing out viable long term effective technologies. Giving us the infrastructure to help adapt and maintain to the worlds ever changing demands and needs.

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Giving Back

Disinfection starts long before decontamination. Understanding and following the guidelines set out by the CDC and your provincial government are important.

  • Social Distancing
  • Masking
  • Hand Sanitization
  • Limiting Exposure to people
  • Limiting Interactions
  • Understanding how the virus is spread

Disinfection and Sanitization are another measure in place to help slow the spread of Covid 19. We work with your local requirements to ensure you are ahead of the requirements and keeping your employees and your customers as safe as can be.


Our mission

Cos Supply Ltd was initiated to bring new technology to a local area of business. To help excellerate and open a window to systems and solutions that help our everyday lives.

Working with industry pioneers of technology and production, we are hands on with developmental phases ensuring the product makes sense for our niche market.