As we continually grow we are reaching out to the local growers and suppliers. We offer a product that can be easily dispursed With our L-Fog Zero Touch System.

Benefits from Such systems can help with, plant diseases and microorganisms in water, substrate and air threaten yield security. Learning how COS Supply disinfectants are successfully applied in plant breeding and become a key to higher yield security and yields.

Control and prevention:

If you look for solutions to these problems in the literature, you will find that combating them is relatively difficult. Consequently, prevention is all the more important.

-Immediately and rigorously dispose of infested plants including substrate.
-Disinfect parking and surface areas
-Humidity and temperature control
-Use of dehumidified and well-ventilated substrates, steam sterilisation or disinfection.
-Disinfect used culture vessels
-Keep irrigation systems scrupulously clean and disinfect regularly
-Keep equipment clean, wash and disinfect if necessary.

The disinfectant We provide meets all these requirements.

In addition, Or disinfectants have other positive properties that make it very attractive for plant breeding pur­poses:

No impairment of plant growth/plant health
Suitable for the disinfection of water
No problematic residues in plants and the environment
High and broad efficacy against typical moist germs, biofilms, algae and fungi
No increase of the pH value in the water
No deposits in the water system
Long-term effect, reduction of re-germination
Compatible with common fertilisers/nutrients
Economic dosage/benefit ratio
Biodegradable without problematic by-products such as trihalomethanes
No changes in taste/odour of the plants
Simple dosing and measurability in the water
Oxygenation of the water