Month: January 2021

CBD – Production and COS

Author: cossupplysk January 22, 2021 In Disinfection Comments (0)
Change the way you grow.

Author: cossupplysk January 18, 2021 In Disinfection Comments (0)
Mixing our concentrate. Understanding Solutions and PPM. We have found a tremendous informative source that speaks in volumes. No pun intended. Understandinf and utilizing the value if proper mixing and instructions allow for cost savings, efficacy, and quality control measures. […]

New Years to a New Year

Author: cossupplysk January 2, 2021 In Disinfection Comments (0)
A lot of events happen during the holidays and the New Year. Headlines are deceiving, media can be shaded to cast doubt at times. We take headlines and dissect how we can help with certain areas and issues, giving insight […]